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Amazing Escort Services For A Married Man

It seems like today maintaining a successful marriage has become one of the hardest things to do. This was the case for Joel and his wife, who had been married for close to eight years. The problem started when Joel’s wife got a job in the neighborhood. Joel’s wife changed for the worse and their relationship become a rocky one. Most of the services Joel used to receive from his wife were reduced to their bare minimum. The worst of all, his wife started to perfect the art of giving excuses in a bid to discourage Joel from even trying to have sex with her. Due to those prevailing conditions, Joel became a frustrated and sexually starved man.

After talking to some of his confidants in the workplace, he found a solution. Unlike his previous thought of asking for a divorce from his wife on grounds of sexual starvation, his friends advised him to be patient with his wife, hoping that she would change for the better soon; they advised him to try escort services while waiting for things to normalize at his home.
This was the first time in Joel’s life that he considered and escort service. As such, he was afraid of escorts and wanted to hire one with a good reputation to avoid an undesired experience. He chose to visit a famous London escort agency and booked a 32-year old Briton, Jane Shakespeare. Jane has had close to 13 years of experience as an escort.

Upon paying for Jane, the agency helped exchange their contacts. Joel’s date with Jane was set for the following day, some 10 miles away from his matrimonial home, three miles from his wife’s working place. Joel made all the necessary arrangements prior to their meeting, ensuring that all would go smoothly. Upon arriving at their hotel room, Joel seemed reserved on his decision to go for an escort. However, with Jane’s experience with such clients, she was able to calm his nerves, making Joel become ready and able for the tasks ahead of him. She started by bonding with Joel and making him understand that she’s there to make him happy. When Joel seemed like he’d calmed down a bit, she slowly started making sexual advances. Bit by bit, she turned Joel on. Her kisses were sweet and irresistible, her caress made Joel remember his early years in marriage. She gave Joel the old memories that had already started fading away. For once, Joel was made to remember that there is more than one sex style involved during intercourse. He enjoyed every piece of what Jane offered. After their four-hour date, it was time to go home. Joel got into his clothes, got out a folded brown envelope and handed it to Jane, as a sign of appreciation. Following this experience, Joel said he intended to hire Jane again to give him such a great experience, something he’d missed for quite some time.